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About us


We have been able to achieve a substantial growth through a set actions, by which we can have an impact on people life everywhere, our actions can be summarized in positioning ourselves in the heart of every aspect of industry, looking after our stakeholders by ensuring they are gaining the best ROI not only to pass crises but expand year after another year, also providing factors of success to ensure the well fare of our stakeholder that together can overcome hardship and reach high level of customer loyalty.
EGICS Group has contributed in many mega national projects.
Some of our mega projects contribution.
As humble a start can be with passion and will, we managed to transform launch of the group from a single company to a collective entity that provides a complete solution, in 2004 the founder decided to pursue their dreams and be a pioneer in their fields, by which we can say at the end of 2021 we have managed to overcome difficulties, and build loyalties from both customer and employees.
Our founders and CEO’s are Engineer Ashraf Genady and Mohsen Hamdy, both are Electro Mechanical engineers, that they have a proven record of planning and implementation of some mega projects in a respectful companies, they have built a reputation of being those who get the job done in the field of automation.

History of success
and achievements

We are a success story been establishing our reputation as a pioneer in the industry working in 6 countries serving Middle east & Africa. (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Sudan and Uganda).


Our Mission

To create premium real estate projects with exceptional quality to dramatically impact the real estate market in Middle East & Africa.

Our Vision

To lead the market of real estate and position ourselves as a robust partner in order to reach highest level of Stakeholders wellfare from employees and customers alike.